Worlds inside us

What do you do with the dreams that don’t come true?

Hide them away, put them in stores,

And never question where they might have gone?

What do you do with the infinite worlds wrapped inside you?

The worlds you keep for yourself,

The ones that we all know must not be shared.

What do you do when the worlds within

Want to escape and grow entire universes of their own?

What do you do with the worlds of dreams and sweet illusions?

Do you believe in their alluring song

And suddenly decide to unplug yourself from a reality already known?

We all have universes inside us,

Where we allow ourselves to be what in reality

It seems impossible to achieve.

What do you do with the worlds carried inside you?

Worlds full of stories, worlds full of glory

Worlds where we are winners,

Worlds where we are the villains.

Worlds where the impossible is possible,

Worlds where we can become,

What the reality never gave a chance to stand for.

Do you hide your dreams and worlds away?

Or you dare to be brave and keep the fantasies close to your visions,

Hoping that magic will legitimate,

What reality sharply declined to provide.

We all have an infinite of worlds inside us,

Worlds where we taste the lives of our unfulfilled dreams,

Worlds where we know that our unspoken stories,

Have a chance to express

What in the tangible realm

Was clear denied the right to materialise into fruition.

We must all cherish the dreams and the visions,

We must all treasure the worlds within,

As hope for the future, and hope for the soul,

As not all is lost as long as the worlds and the dreams wrapped inside us,

Keep having a life of their own.

Lots of love,

Sharing Simple Words


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