There must be a Change

How willing are you to become vulnerable, to let your guard down, to give up all your safety nets and step into unknown territories?

This is how Change begins. With a decision to expose yourself and with a decision to embrace whatever life, and the new circumstances, will bring you.

Change! Only six letters for such a big word! A word that is the synonym for the land of the unknown. Change is a word once spoken, covers endless seas of possibilities, feelings, thoughts, emotions, and unanticipated situations. Change is a word that makes people cringe and becomes the correspondent of their worst fears. Change is a word that makes people dream and becomes the symbol of boldest visions. Change becomes a clear representation of the most dazzling aspirations.

Change is a word that for some bears within an end, while for others, brings a new introduction. For some refuse to recognise the end and engage in a fight against the inevitable. While others accept what is and swim with ease in unpredictable waters.

Being a word of unlimited options, so are the approaches in front of it. Some would not let go of the comfortable, of the well-known. And we all agree it is ok to love the over – cautiously – living in the safety zone. Out of the danger zone. Sometimes this is the norm, one of the unspoken rules of a secure existence. Simply because we all need to build our own personal comfort zones. The nests, the fortified cribs. To feel protected by a space where we know we are in control. Personal spaces where nothing ever goes wrong. Personal spaces where we become untouchable. But nothing challenging ever happens in this self-protective void. In the comfortable shelter of our self-built shells, after a while, all gets too familiar and definitely easy.

I do believe, from time to time, we must give change a chance. Living way too careful might end up being the equivalent of not living at all.

We like it or not, change is evolution, and change brings (r)evolution.

Once you accept it, Change will make you question. Change will seduce you, and immediately after, Change will frighten you. Change will deeply shake your believes and will dust off what has become obsolete. Change will test your patience, and then will throw you in the unforeseen with an incredible speed. Change will remodel you, and just like a skilful blacksmith playing with iron and fire, in the end will completely transform you. And this succession will happen in such accelerated pace that you will not be able to guess where you are actually standing.

We can use endless metaphors and beautifully chosen words to describe this mysterious process, a process that none of us will be capable to escape from.

From a personal perspective, if I have learned something from my long relationship with Change, is that it teaches us to be brave and it drives us towards growth. Why? Because it forces us to go where we haven’t been before. In most cases being unprepared. Having no map or escape plan. Having only one direction – ahead! Going back not being an option!

But going from point A to point B does not happen in a blink of an eye. The distance that has to be walked, and the time that has to pass between the two will define transition. And here is where all the fun happens and where we are going to be stretched. Most of us would love to skip this stage of the game and go straight to the reward. But it is like in the videogames – you have to reach a minimum level of points to be able to go further. Transition will become your dancing partner. Transition will twirl you, will modify your life’s rhythm, only to lead you towards your goal.

While Change initiates the game, the Transition is what guides us, until the unknown becomes the known; until the point once under the horizon is the place where we are standing tall; and the place from where we scrutinize the realms for new check points for us to cross.

Change is a multidimensional experience and we all accept this fact. And I want to stress out that change is not to be described in terms of good or bad. Why? Because is not black or white. Because you cannot be transformed if you grab tight what you want to leave behind. Because you cannot be transformed if your stubborn self does not want to let go of what he had in mind. Intimidating? Yes! Demanding? Undeniable!

Change is not supposed to be easy. Change is meant to be rewarding if you have the stamina to start, the patience to continue and the wisdom to learn.

My dear readers, take the decision and make the change. The brave ones know that this is the only way towards growth!

Lots of love,

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