The post that was supposed to be about career, only it isn’t

I wanted to write about jobs, passion, finding your calling and the idea of making a successful career out of these ingredients. And I did start, completely forgetting about the importance of making a successful living, independent of the accomplishment of a well marketed idea, preached all over the media.

I poured the words, one after another. Systematic and in a logic sequence.

I wasn’t writing for myself. I was writing for an audience that was not there to listen. I was writing what I imagined it would be the proper way of approaching the topic. I was writing, but I was deaf to my own words.

And I realise I had no connection with my text.


Because I got lost. Lost in the thread of thoughts. Lost in the bitterness of my own frustrations.

Because I believed that the attainment of this job-passion-calling triangle is THE definition of a successful career and THE confirmation of a fulfilling existence. Hence the frustrations – I haven’t achieved what I thought I had to. An EGO talk I still struggle to harness.

Because right now I am a bit closer to my forties than to my thirties and I am still looking. I still need to figure it all out. Not only my job-passion-calling, but my whole life in general.

Because I believed I needed a respected, high ranked, well-seen and well-paid job to define me as a person and to bring me closer to what success is meant and perceived in our “modern” society.

Because I believed I needed to get the confirmations for what I am as a person and for what I can offer as a true professional from the business and the heaviness of an exhausting workday, and from the praised received for a job well done. Of course, the craving for the most desired ovations, is the fuel of a needy greedy EGO.

Because I believed finding your passion is key for getting closer to a meaningful and happier existence.

And I couldn’t be more wrong.


Because during this brief existence, most of us will probably not going to find our passion, and most of us will probably not going to make a successful career out of it. And this is OK, because it doesn’t exclude the pleasure of experiencing new adventures, the joy of learning new skills and the rewarding feelings of growth coming from challenging ourselves a bit. Far more important that discovering the passion and making the best career out of it, is to understand that the successful living is less linked to the passion – career connection, and more to the way we perceive the experiences coming out of what we live.

Because all the praises in the world will not be enough for an insecure self.

Because the fattest paychecks will not sustain balanced relationships in a world where unbalanced EGOs rule.

Because there isn’t a timeline to figure it all out and definitely there isn’t a timeline to accomplish what society sold us as universal and valid truths applicable to all. We live and we experience in our childhood, in our adulthood, in our senior years. Life has a unique pace for each and every one of us. Life itself is to be lived, to be fully immersed in and to be enjoyed outside of deadlines and check lists.

Because we all are a bit lost in this magical journey called life. And this is the known whispered secret that connects us and make us accomplices in the daily unfolding stories.

Because we are allowed to have our own personal definition of a successful existence, independent of a successful career and of a particular passion. And this comes with a high degree of self-awareness.

Because in front of the inevitable end all that will matter will be the beauty and the intensity of the moments when we laughed, danced, dreamed and most important of all – when we loved and when we were loved. And these moments, collected one by one all through our life, will come together as the expression of the successful existence.

Lots of love,

Sharing Simple Words


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