Another year around the sun

I had zero expectations from 2021. This was an achievement for a person who loved making New Year’s resolutions, putting on paper clear goals with designated deadlines. I understood the world will not be the same place as it was in December 2019, so I decided to take a deep breath and let the year unfold.

Despite the already – known – extremely – feared – little – evil called COVID, 2021 was a good year. I saw my family, my far away friends, I managed to travel, read some good books, and did the best I could to enjoy each day. The best part of it: our family grew, and I became an auntie 😊 A little baby miracle which brought love, joy, and much happiness.

The end of 2021 opened a door for possibilities and gave the stage to 2022.

Will I make plans for this new year? No. I know I will receive whatever the year has in store for me.

Dear 2022, if I may, there are a few things I dare to ask:

  • Make your time the one of healing
  • Guide us towards the road of kindness
  • Bring back to life the lost magic
  • Wash away the negativity and toxicity
  • Give us the daily laughter and the sweetest smiles
  • Keep us in the best of health
  • Reunite the ones apart
  • Appoint Hope as your trusted guide
  • Lead with Affection
  • Assure that Love will reign in every aspect of our lives

A blessed, prosperous, and magical 2022 everyone.

Lots of love,

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