The Twenties are here. Happy 2020

When I was a kid, year 2000 felt like a mysterious far away date. A SCI FI moment into the future, almost intangible and unimaginable.

I was 17 when this enigmatic and feared year arrived. And to many, brought great relieve – the world didn’t come to an end, like some predicted. Not only the world didn’t end but continued its frenetic spin through time. And life went on.

Years passed by and 20 years later, 01.01.2020 feels like a whimsical, magical date, that has nothing to be feared of. Only celebrated.

May 01.01.2020 be the bold step into a bright, positive year and into a fresh, prosperous decade.

The past ten years were the most challenging among the years I lived so far. The past ten years urged me to become more aware of myself and of my existence. These past years have taught me that in a blink of an eye all can turn around and hard-rock foundations can crumble. I have learned that you can reach places that were never on your map. I have learned you cannot be fully prepared for what life will throw at you. I have learned you can grow wings you never knew you can have.

I have reached lows of despair and highs of fears I never wished for. And all the unwished-for moments demanded me to build solid inner strength and forced me uncover courage I have never dreamt to hold.

I have learned that family and friendship are the pillars you lean on when you need support, care, and affection. Family and friendship are the balms that will ease the deepest wounds and the safe space to turn to when nothing goes right. I have learned to appreciate with all my being the unconditional love I received during the darkest hours. I cannot express in words how grateful I am for all the kind, graceful souls that lightened my road and journey. I can only hope I will be able to return the beauty and love I was given.

I like to believe that the past ten years challenged me and prepared me for the magical and marvellous years ahead.

May this New Year and this new decade bring us health above all, wisdom to choose and act in kindness, everyday smiles and aloud laughs, love in the purest form, peace and tranquillity.

May in this New Year and in this new decade we create only beautiful memories and happy-ending stories.

May our days be only merry. May our joys be multiplied and shared with our loved and special ones.

May we learn to shine and sparkle!

And if there will be tears, may them be tears of joy” (The Two Popes 2019 movie)

Happy New Year!

Lots of love,

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