The power of LOVE

So simple, and yet so difficult to meet. What exactly ?! Love! Love. Love to heal our hurts. Love that brings us comfort and courage to move on. Love that cures and love that transforms. I know that every single thing in our life is supposed to start from a place of self-love. I also... Continue Reading →


Happiness is not a shopping list

Statement: We all want to be happy! Simple as that! And although we all want to be happy, somehow we perfectly miss the happiness. I noticed so many book titles teaching us how to be happy, or how to reach happiness, or how to find our path to happiness, along with endless internet articles. When... Continue Reading →

Write your thank you note

  Some time ago I started a gratitude journal. I took it as an exercise of reminding myself all the good things happening during the day. After 11 months is one my daily habits. I have coffee in the morning and writing in the evening. What I noticed was that the way of putting on... Continue Reading →

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