Moving forward with the demons of our souls


I fight my demons, on my own.

A fight that I would like to win,

A fight that is not about the strongest must win.

Is a fight about my life and my quest for peace,

A quest for meaning and a quest for understanding,

A quest for a deeper self-discovery,

And a quest for a relieving self-recovery.

My quests of becoming what am I supposed to be.


And in this inner fight,

Sometimes I lose, although I know the peace begins,

When I talk to them instead of chasing them.

These demons help me in my journey,

They are the undesired, but necessary partners of my travel.

They are the shadows rooted in my soul,

The seeds of the weeds that I would like to ignore.

They drag me into the dirtiness of my soul,

And to the muds of my own thoughts,

Muds I would like to turn a blind eye to.


But even if I do not want to look at them,

They guide me through the darkest nights,

Because there are already tainted by the black,

And can navigate without a compass towards the light.


I think my demons want to be my friends,

But I do not know how to take them by their hand,

I haven’t learned yet how to let them guide me through,

Although I know only together we can move forward.


But I have learned not be scared anymore,

Because my demons are a part of me,

Without which I cannot learn how to enjoy my life more.


And in the end is all about acceptance,

That the brightest days cannot be lived without the appreciation to the darkest nights,

That white cannot exist without the black,

That yin doesn’t make any sense without the yang.

That life goes on and we cannot prevail over it,

Without the demons of our souls.


The wisest thing that we must do,

Is not to feed them anymore,

Accept their help but stand firm in front of them,

Reminding ourselves that

When their help is no longer needed,

We take our life back in our hands,

With the promise to go much further,

With far less fear and much more faith,

Having the certainty that we became much stronger.


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