Words on learning to let go

yellow roses

Where does the pain go after we cry it out from our souls?

Does it really go away or is just us keeping it not wanting to let it go,
Not being ready to move on?
Where does the pain go after the wounds it caused became a mark?
Do we let it go away or we glue it to our soul like a stamp to an envelope?
As a bittersweet reminder of our own soul long lost (not yet forgotten) battles.
Are we brave enough to let it go, or we keep the pain in our soul as a war trophy of a fight we haven’t won?
As a reminder of a war we do not want to end,
As the end might bring some sort of peace,
And we are not ready to move on.
In time we get attached to our pain and it becomes a part of us, we dance with it, we play with it,
We nurture it, and we use it as a protection shield.
Not wanting to let go, not being ready to move on.
We dwell in it until this veracious pain eats us from inside,
And the pain and us finally became one.
But a time has to come when letting go is the necessary must of the eternal cycle – life goes on,
And you know you have to chase it from your heart,
And the question that arises is if you have the strength to let it go at once.
You have to wide open the windows of the heart,
As only new fresh air can wash the pain away.
You must wake up every single day,
Knowing that a time must come when the only thing you can do is learn to say goodbye.
You start again with the first ray of light,
Making peace with what is and praying for a shorter night,
Knowing that in the end all you can do is accept that your pain has to grow over you, chew you, burn you,
It must consume you, like a dark, deep storm which paves the way for a bright, warm dawn.
And from there you start again, looking how the rays of sun heal your deepest wounds,
And all you can do is smile,
Knowing that you reached a point where you finally grew out of your long-loved pain that seemed impossible to leave behind.


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