Getting younger while growing older

Two weeks ago, I had a girls’ night out. Do not imagine a wild one. We are well behaved ladies. It was a spontaneous decision to enjoy a Saturday evening which transformed in quality time spent in good company and brought a walk down the memory lane.

Why I wanted to mention this in the beginning of the post? Because we danced our hearts out on the best-known nineties’ hits.

And why this piece of information is of relevance? Because we were teenagers in the nineties!

So, this means we have now at least twenty years more than we had when we danced for the first time on Backstreet Boys’ Everybody single.

I can say twenty years ago I was 16 years old and had no idea about how my life is going to look like two decades later. What I knew back then is that 36 sounded old, awfully old and felt particularly far away. Like an exotic place you heard about and you know is definitely out of your reach.

What the current 36 years old me can say to the younger version of me?
Not to be afraid of ageing! You can get younger, while growing older.

Life is so much better now than it was twenty years ago. You get better with age, in spite of the stiff joints and of the unwelcomed back pains that can bother you a bit while you are dancing.

I felt far more aged in my twenties compared with how I feel now. My younger version was frustrated, confused, didn’t knew herself too well. I thought I had to solve all the problems in the universe and hence the eternal burden I was carrying on my shoulders. Although no one asked me to.

Life was something that was happening to me and I was more of a spectator, rather than a conscious participant. I had lots of existential questions and not too many answers.

Luckily, the perks of getting younger while growing older started to show their benefits. With the years passing by, the experiences kept coming together. And with them and living through them I became more aware of me as a person, as a human being. I started to understand the true meaning of my likes and dislikes. I became more awake and more mindful. I dived deeply into the ocean towards the self-discovery and self-recovery.
An on – going process.

I am uncovering myself every single day and I am continuously transforming. I am getting younger in spirit and freer in being. I am liberating myself of the personal misconceptions about life and about one’s self I have carried along for many, many years.

I am lighter in being and deeper in understanding.

Yes, the years will keep accumulating but I am not afraid anymore. Because the years bring wisdom, peace and days to be lived. And it is a magical self-discovering and deeply revelatory experience.

Each anniversary became a celebration of the time lived and of the days to come. I embrace with open heart now this unpredictable adventure called life.

I am getting younger while getting older, and I am becoming more me. I would not trade the way I feel and experience life in my thirties with the misperceptions about life of the twenty something me.

Yes! Ageing takes its toll. Your body will feel it the most, but your heart and spirit will compensate.

And if there is something that I would like to repeat to my younger self is to enjoy the process of getting older. Ageing is a gift and a privilege that to many is denied.

Enjoy your dance through life!

Lots of love,

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