Have faith and trust the process

In today’s society making plans IS A MUST. It is normal to make plans and to write down “to do” lists. To organise as much as possible your life, and give it some sort of direction. As long you have a plan, you know where you are heading, right?! Always looking forward, but never looking... Continue Reading →


Be present

I have to admit: when I’m not in my very best state of mind, I tend to escape reality. Sometimes this trick helps. But most of the times is a trap. A trap because I become a prisoner. A prisoner of my own thoughts. And I tend to take my thoughts way too seriously. I... Continue Reading →

Expect less. Live more.

The best things that happened in my life are the ones that I didn’t ask for. Why? Because I received them, exactly as they were. With no anticipation, with no prior expectations, with no false imagines of what might be. And today I am grateful for all the things I’ve asked for, and never happened.... Continue Reading →

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