Let it snow

For a moment life stood still and everything looked prettier.

It snowed in Brussels.

After endless grey days some sprinkled with invisible rain (the one you feel, but you cannot see) pouring out of anywhere, it finally snowed. Nature was generous. The big, white fluffy snowflakes falling out of the sky were a delight. Glued to my window, I couldn’t stop smiling.

The weather forecast kept threatening with snow for weeks (it snowed in the highest points of the country). Why this type of precipitation is so remarkable? For the joy it brings. In a matter of minutes, my neighbourhood changed. The playfulness was in the air. Mingled with the snowfall. It was a pleasure to observe. A whole show displayed for the sake of snow. The old neighbour in the balcony across the street in his white tank top and tartan house robe suddenly decided to check on the flowerless pots. Glancing around (almost peeking) questioning the miracle snow, a bit too stiff to put a big smile outside. I am guessing he did smile, inside. Discreet. On the 5th floor, a dark-haired head popped up out of the window. Next to the head, two hands holding a kitten over the sill appeared. It would have been a pity for the tinny cat to miss the show. Priceless image. And my favourite – the young mother keeping close her baby and pointing to the small white floating dots. I almost could hear how she shared the snow stories of her childhood. So pure. I had to wave at them. And guess what? Two big smiles flew my way. All looked better covered in white. For a moment life stood still and the neighbourhood became a community. The snow made it possible. Snow cuddled and brought warmth on our street along with shared smiles, grown-up children and future adults together.

Far from being the image of my childhood with one meter high of white (perfect layer to make a snow angel) covering the outside world, this one instant was enchanting. Nothing will change my conviction that snow is magical and a good omen sent from Heaven. It is nature’s way of nurturing and protecting during the winter with the blessing snow smelling of innocence and pristine fun.

While we are still in the middle of the pandemic, with the world fighting the virus and struggling to overcome the loses, most of us try to figure out how to better handle the confinements, the lack of social interaction, the teleworking, or the lack of work. So, even a small event, such as snow on a random January day, can bring some relief. It does not solve any of the world’s problems. It does remind us it is ok even for a moment to put a happy face on. It does not solve any of our problems, but it does brighten up a bit the gloomy moods. It works for me, it might not work for everyone.

It wasn’t my plan to write about snow. But such an (apparent) insignificant fact sparkled joy, brought optimism and gave me energy and strength to keep going. The difference it made? It gave me a smile I kept on my face for one day and uplifted my spirits. I knew it will not last forever, so I embraced it, danced with it, I allowed it to be in charge for the rest of the day.

I wanted to stress out the importance of finding those small, even mundane things that can have a positive impact. Even for a moment. On the bigger picture, it may not represent much. On the smaller scale of the day-to-day survival, it may be the incentive long needed.

It snowed in Brussels and for a moment, everything was beautiful.

Lots of love,

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