This too shall pass

It is autumn in the Northern hemisphere. You can breathe the crispy air and notice nature’s changing colours. The transition from the lively green to the earthy amber leaves is almost magical. In this ongoing certain uncertainty we all have been living in the past half-year, nature gives us a healing escape. Even though we do not say it out loud, most of us know that the next few months are covered in mist and surrounded by questions. And soon not even nature will be able to compensate with its much-desired comfort. Limitations and restrictions (at least in Europe) aiming to restrain the spread and effects of the virus are back in place. Means for distraction are limited mostly to those available within the walls of our homes. Again, the social interactions and human connections fall victims. I do not contest the measures and I do comply. It is for the general wider good. I can only hope that in the long term the effects will not translate into universal social anxiety.

From the safe space of my apartment, I hear and enjoy the sound of rain. I wonder if I will be able to enjoy it until next spring…And the winter is coming with no celebration insight.

It feels like an eternal winter

With the long-gone warmth of the sun

Slowly becoming a forgotten sensation.

I see how life is changing its pace

From frenzy to almost soundless

Leaving us to hear the shouts of our turned on thoughts.

Is not the silence that makes the most noise,

But the fear of the motionless days and soulless nights.

Cravings for summer and sounds of the sea

Will be put in the wish list for Santa

And will not be fulfilled until the hope of a cure

Will finally bring long-desired relieve

And Life once again

Will bless and embrace with its refreshed beats.

I started these lines having in mind the shorter days, the lack of light and the diminished (close to non-existing) social interactions. The intention is not to pass a pessimistic message. Only to share personal observations from the perspective of long autumn and of an ambiguous winter.

Life always has its surprising ways. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and nothing is as dire as initially assessed.

I guess once again we will have to adapt. We will become creative and innovative in the way we spend the upcoming winter days. The idea is not to abandon ourselves to dreadfulness. We have amazing power to transform. Our homes are our fortress and in the safe space they offer, we can rediscover the intimacy of the autumn/winter nights. Cosy clothing (time to take out of the closet the favourite sweater) and comfort food will encourage cocooning 😊 Movie nights and well-written stories will offer escape moments. Doing things with our hands will keep us focused and engaged. And the result(s) might surprise and bring rays of joy. Maybe the time to uncover that hidden skill(s) and to remind ourselves about the power of crafting is here.

Right now, the sunny season seems far, far away. I do not know what tomorrow will bring but I do know that life goes on despite any circumstances. It is up to us to choose how we act and react towards what is going on right now in the world and towards the way is affecting our daily lives.

And I also know that every challenge encountered is an opportunity to discover new abilities, to learn more about who we are and to see potential in the unexpected.

This too shall pass. Patience is key.

Take care and stay safe.

Lots of love,

Sharing Simple Words


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