Failed plans

We make plans and heavily rely on them

To give to our lives some sort of direction,

To give us the feeling that we are in some sort of control.

And in spite of the preparation,

We constantly fail at being prepared.

We make plans because we are afraid not to be overwhelmed

By what the feared tomorrow might have to offer.

We make plans and heavily rely on them

To give us the comfort of the already known and walked before road.

The universe doesn’t seem to always agree

With the plans of humanity

And decides to give us all an unanticipated nudge

Reminder to live in the perfect present moment,

To make us aware that somehow we have missed to exist.

The universe doesn’t knock at the door

And doesn’t ask for permission

To ruin a careful weaved projection.

This is not a sad ending story,

But a chance to understand that our plans have limited power

And that universe has a plot of its own.

This is not a sad ending story,

But a chance to rediscover

The simple beauty of a life lived in complete immersion

In this only solitary moment we were given.


Some might say that right now is no time for poetry.

I beg to differ.

Beyond the rhythm and the words, you can discover meanings of your own in the verses you encounter.  Not only in writing, but in arts in general.

What is happening in the world right now made me think about how much we love to organise, structure and plan our lives. And how everything goes according to plan, until it doesn’t anymore.

Right now the whole world is forced to cope with the unknown and bound to redefine well established rules. Right now everyone learns to adjust to new guidelines and tries to adapt to unforeseen reality.

Finding ways to express ourselves and learning to embrace a day lived without (what we like to call) proper planning, may bring comfort. Creativity requires presence, doesn’t ask for a plan. So does life.

Create. Read. Dance. Express yourself in any way you feel. Be present.

Stay home. Stay safe and healthy.

And in between, you will give life a chance to unfold in a way not experienced before.

Lots of love,

Sharing Simple Words


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