Moments in time

We are moments in time

Defined by infinite energy

And limited by life.

We are divine creations,

Breathing as long as a blink of an eye,

Feeling tormenting emotions

Questioning the reasons of our limiting existence.

We are universal children,

Having Earth as a playground

Moulding ourselves in shapes that eternally hurt us

Not knowing how to escape the limiting lines.

We are divine creation

Stranded in past and future illusions

Escaping the universal seconds given to us.

We are moments in time

Flesh carcasses of blended sorrows and delights

Not having a chance to challenge

What fate has destined for us.

We are moments in time

Trying to accept the ephemeral existence

Which burdens us with its cruel countdown.

We are destined to be the forgotten moments in time

Built on the sounds of collective remembrance

Telling the stories of the souls we were once.

Lots of love,

Sharing Simple Words


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