In transit

How would you describe your relationship with the airports?

I see mine like a mystery story coupled up with Alice in wonderland.

Airports are places where time and space disappear.

Airports are portals between worlds, bridges between what was and what will be. Secret doors towards the unknown. Airports are the starting point of so many anticipated journeys. Airports are the spots from where we embark voluntarily towards careful planed adventures.

Airport are the places where we are eternal passengers.

I am always anxious before arriving at any airport. Not only for the journey itself (of course is always good to be on time and catch your plane), but also for the feeling of stepping into a different dimension. The airport dimension where everything is suspended.

Airports are the places where myriads of individual realities are put on hold.

I do not perceive airports belonging to certain land, even though are defined by a specific territory. Airports moments may not always count as clear moments in our lives, but they have the power to define our transit time. Airports moments are brief, but they always become memorable because the airports’ magic embraces the dreamers and welcomes the doers.

For me, the airports moments are similar to our transit through this existence. A short transfer between arrival and departure. You step in having no idea of what you’re going to do, and by the time you figure how to move around, is time to step out. And leave a part of you behind.

And like in any terminal, sometimes we rush towards the gates, ready to board and take our seat. Having desired destinations in mind. With hope that someone is waiting for us on the other side. With excitement that we will start a new adventure once we put our feet on new ground. Sometimes we allow ourselves to sit and observe how countless human souls arrive, while others leave and disappear behind the gates, realising that they might never come back.

Airports perfectly frame life. Airports have the power to display the pictures of humankind in transit.

In airports we face delays and plan derails. Here we learn to accept what we cannot control and take deep breaths acknowledging that we put our lives in the hands of trained foreign souls. In airports we embrace with blind faith the conviction that no matter what, we will arrive safe and we will be ready to continue our lives.

Airports are the places where we are reminded that between late arrivals and early departures, it is preferable to make the best out of our limited transit time, instead of wondering around questioning in vain how much is left out of the dreaded waiting time.

Lots of love,

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