Between two Christmases

Christmas time

For those who celebrate Christmas, this period of the year means family time and joyful reunions, Santa Claus and gifts, plus delicious home-made meals, sweet reminders of how childhood used to taste.

For me, this time of year became a bitter-sweet pill and a reminder of how life is linked to death, of how we must celebrate every single day and a reminder to be constantly grateful for the special souls present in our lives.

The sweet of it, came years ago when Santa “delivered” my brother. He is the best brother, the best Christmas gift I ever received. Next to Santa, I must thank our parents, as they had their contribution in making him possible.

The bitter part came last year when our mother decided is time to join our father in other dimensions, dimensions not known to us, I imagine better ones, far beyond this limited time and ephemeral space. During Santa’s watch, very well synchronised.

And in spite of the bitter taste and of the grief that came with it, in the time passed between two Christmases, I was reminded that family is not only the blood ties but is defined by the love we carry for each other, as well.

I was reminded that I am not alone, that love surrounds me and that the beauty of the human soul cannot be described in words.

The love I was given came in so many forms and in so many songs. The love received tasted like the best home cooked meal, the one that takes its flavour from the affection sprinkled all over. A meal prepared by a warm, skilful soul that knows what you need, when you need, before you know it. A soul that feels like home.

The love I received sounded like a melody I treasure, delivered unexpected, to shake me and make me dance, because we all need the rhythm and the music, not to forget that life has its own beat.

The love I received was a smile coming from a dear sweet child, sent in a selfie that only an innocent soul could have taken.

The love I received was seen in the eyes that spoke to me, was felt in the arms that gave me hugs, was reflected in the tears cried for my grief, was heard in the unsaid words.

In the time passed between two Christmases, the beauty of human souls, was once again revealed to me. Much more sincere, sometimes in the absence of words, but always in the presence of love.

Love is the true miracle of your lives and the magic that embellishes the heart.

Cherish it!

Lots of love,

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