Dreaming the Reality

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What do you see when you open your eyes?

Is it the dream you had in your mind,

Or is a pale reproduction of something never asked in advance?

Do you look at the world with fear in your gaze

Or you dare to cling to the vanished dream?

A long list of questions sometimes life becomes,

Some come with answers but mostly have none.


Seeking responses in the mind’s fantasies,

Is far more dangerous than deciding not to accept what is.

We must learn to distinguish between the most long wished dream
And the harsh story of the “reality settles in”.

We must learn to look at the dream,

And become aware of the present we are living in.


We can experience the illusion of the most waited dream,

But the reality will knock at the door,

Will force us to open,

And will show us how heavy the antithesis of these two realms is.


Wrong can become to use the convenient dream

As alternative of what is not desired to be lived.

Wrong can become to use the accessible dream

As alternative – an escape route for a reality we are not ready to step in.


The dream is a convenient patch that cannot mask

The bruised face of this continuous present tense delivered to us.

Although the dream is a remarkable tool,

We must learn to employ it with care,

And not transform it in a dangerous mechanism

That will backfire

And harm us harder than the uncensored reality

We made efforts to beautiful wrap it in.

We must learn to use the most long wished dream

As a short term distraction from what we were supposed to live.


Reality will be there when no dream will be left,

And dream will be there as a helpful hand when escaping the real is all that we need,

To make one more step towards what is to be lived.


Lots of love,

Sharing Simple Words


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