Birthday wishes

For the year ahead I wish to have the wisdom to see every single day as the most precious gift that I could receive.
I wish to have so much kindness that everything that I will do, and see, and speak will be only in the name of good.
I wish to have the power to stay positive in front of what is to come.
I wish to have the strength to continue walking no matter how difficult the road ahead might seem.
I wish to live a life beyond fear and have the courage to go and fight for my dreams.
I wish to open up my heart and soul to receive all the love I’m supposed to feel.
I wish to give more value and more meaning to every single second of my life.
I wish to take my power from the bright blue skies and from the time spent with my loved ones.
I wish to see only beauty in this life time.
I wish to have the patience to go through the darkest nights knowing that the light will be there to guide my path.
I wish to learn to recognize when is the perfect moment to let go and when is the perfect moment to hold on.
I wish to see the world with the eyes of child – in wonder, innocence, amazement in front of life’s magical twists.
I wish to trust more my intuition and live according to the whispers of my soul.
I wish to live in peace with my past, my choices, my decisions.
I wish to step in with boldness into the future.
I wish to dance more, laugh more, sing more, love more.
I wish all these and much more.
And this is what I wish for you, too.
Sharing Simple Words

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