Learning the lesson of self-love


Some time ago, I wrote a letter. A letter to self.
A letter where I was asking myself to be kinder, more patient, more loving, not with others, but with my own self. I still read that letter. I realized that appreciating myself more, is a lesson I still struggle to learn.

Why it is so difficult to be our own best friend? We are kind and supportive with the ones next to us, with the ones in need, with the ones we love. Aren’t we supposed to start with us?! We are the most important person in our lives.

Taking care of our own needs is not called selfishness. Is self-awareness. Understanding our own needs and taking care of them, helps us not only to become better persons, but also to better nurture the needs of the ones next to us.
If we invest time, energy and love in the relationships that we cherish, aren’t we supposed to cherish, love and support the relationship with ourselves?!

Taking care of ourselves is the wisest thing we can do for us and for the ones next to us.
Accepting us exactly as we are, is the most important step towards self-love and self-appreciation.

My dear reader, please remember that you have to be your biggest fan and your biggest supporter.
You are the most important person in your life and by loving yourself more, you will be able to give more. More love. More kindness. More wisdom. More of you.
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