This is me. Who are you?


Last week a simple question came to me. As the question came to me three times, I couldn’t ignore it. And as simple as the question might be, the answer is not as easy as it might seem.

Do you question yourself? Do you ask yourself who are you?

I took the challenge and I questioned myself: Who am I?


And here is what “I” means to me:

I am all that I lived and all memories that have arisen from what I lived.

I am all the experiences that passed through me and all the lessons that came with it.

I am all my dreams, my hopes, my joy, my sorrow.

I am all the love that I feel, all the love that I give and all the love that I receive.

I am all my tears and all my laughter.

I am all my scars and all my smiles.

I am all that I see and hear, and all that my senses can perceive.

I am all the words that I said and all the words I left unspoken.

I am more than my flesh, my blood, my bones.

I am every breath that I take and every single heart beat that comes with it.

I am all my thoughts and my ideas.

I am all my fears and my obsessions.

I am a whole universe in expansion.

I am a soul that learns to grow.

I am a child who discovers the world.

I am my past, my present and my future.

I am everything that I allow myself to be and everything I imagine I could be.

My dear readers, you had my answer.

Now I’m asking – Who are you?


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