The F words: Fear and Failure

Let’s talk about the F word. Even better, let’s talk about two F words: Fear and Failure.
They go hand in hand, don’t they?!
Fear. That invisible little monster inside of us that we nurture and feed. That voice we listen who manages somehow to diminish (sometimes until complete erasure) our boldest, wildest dreams. Fear brings her best friend Failure in our minds and in our lives. And Fear whispers us how Failure will look like. And they have so many faces and forms: Fear of rejection, Fear of the unknown, complete and miserable Failure.
But you know what?! I started to ask myself – Who told us that Failure is not good?!
Have you ever wondered how your life will look like if every single thing that you wished and asked for is delivered exactly as you wanted?! I would say it would be AN EASY, some may argue PERFECT (I don’t believe in perfect though), and definitely boring life. There will be nothing left to learn, nothing left to discover, no risks to be taken.
What I’ve learned so far: if you overcome your Fear, Failure is good. Failure is a talented teacher. Next time you will do it better. And if not better, you will do it different. And if it doesn’t work the first, the second, the thirds, the one hundred time and if you don’t give up, the results will show up. And in the process you will become stronger, wiser, more light-hearted, more compassionate, ready to challenge your fears and ready to redefine what you understand as failures.
Keep your balance. Don’t listen only to the FEAR’s speech. Remember that you have the power to silence it. Use arguments, fight her back. Is good to be scared (in front of eminent danger, fear saves your life), but don’t get paralysed by FEAR. Don’t let it in control.
I do believe we all have the strength to overcome our FEARS and the power to transform our FAILURES.
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