Clean your life


How often do you clean?
How often do you clean your life?!
How often do you assess what you need to keep and what no longer serves you?
How long does it take you to have a look at your friends, habits, negative thoughts and decide it is time to turn the page?!

It’s a brutal exercise that requires courage and willingness to let go. Letting go of the old thinking patterns; letting go of a friendship that fulfilled its meaning; letting go of old believes that now are obsolete; letting go of what you have been and you stopped being.

What are the benefits? Space for new ideas, room for new friends, time for yourself and place for the new purified version of you.

Cleaning your life doesn’t mean delete. Cleaning your life means to figure out what you need exactly when you need it.

You can always retrieve what you decided to remove. But it will be like looking at an old souvenir – will bring back the memories, but won’t substitute the experience.

And what was removed, no longer has power over you.

Once in a while, we must find time to clean.


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