Writing – the beginnings


As a teenager, I never understood my friends who were keeping a journal. I was constantly questioning: why would you do that?! Other people (or worst, your mother) could discover it and read your most intimate thoughts (hated the possibility). So the idea of writing in general, never appealed to me until, one day, a couple of years ago, all the pain and frustration had to “go out” of me somehow. Took a pen, a piece of paper and I started to write. Please, do not image, a literature masterpiece! Oh, no! There were scribbled words, angry words, mixed with pain, grief and lots of tears. I was going through one of the most challenging phases of my life. But that exercise made me realise two things:

  1. Writing has therapeutic powers.
  2. I was actually enjoying the experience of writing.

I decided to be bold and start a blog (for an introvert this is a huge move).
I wanted to create a space and a place where I will share my thoughts and words with you.

About myself: I am a simple soul constantly discovering its self and enjoying this magical journey called life.

And if you are reading this: Thank you for passing by, and please do it again.

Lots of Love,

Sharing Simple Words


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